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7 Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy


Therefore, it is essential to keep your organs healthy. Below are some tips to help you do it for years to come and keep your kidneys and bladder free of toxins. Note: 1. Cut the salt and soft drinks
These foods have become part of our daily diet, but should be taken in moderation. This includes coffee, soft drinks, salt and high protein foods. Every few days, try to do a mini detox and take a break from eating these foods about twice a week.

Drink more tea, water and take more cranberries

Although food is not your enemy and there are many foods you can add to your diet to help lower toxins in your body, it is also important to include more beverages such as green tea, ginger tea and water. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, especially cranberries. Brown seaweed is also good for you. The fruits help for an easy breakfast, dessert and healthy snacks.

Take your vitamins

Many supportive herbs help keep your kidneys healthy, including vitamin B6, Omega 3s and potassium citrate. All three of these herbs can help you reduce your chances of developing kidney stones.

Stress can affect your body, damage your organs. Another simple treatment called hydrotherapy uses water to relieve pain, which can help your circulatory system while also giving your body and mind much needed rest.


Try a two-day kidney cleanse

Cleaning works wonders. Here is an example of a two-day cleaning. Of course, be sure to consult your doctor or healthcare professional about changes in your diet to make sure the cleanse is right for you.

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Breakfast: Drink plain fruit juice such as beetroot juice with dried cranberries or spinach puree.
Lunch: Take another puree or give up hot millet, with your favorite fruits.
Dinner: Salad mixed with greens, protein, lemon and a slice of lemon.

Try Kegel exercises for the bladder

Although it may come as a surprise, there are ways to help your bladder. When done regularly, you can prevent bladder leakage. All you have to do is contract the muscles of your pelvic floor and then relax them. Hold each for 10. And make a set of 30. 10 while standing, 10 while sitting, 10 while lying down. Do this 3 times a day, which increases 90 contractions a day. Just make sure your bladder is empty before you do them.

Exercise your liver

There are several exercises that can help your liver. You can feel it by pressing up and under the ribs on the right side. You can press it, rub it or pat it lightly 100 times a day to keep it healthy. You can also try twisting the trunk by turning your torso from left to right about 15 times on each side, which helps your liver. Daily stretches done for about 5 hours a week can do wonders for your liver.