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7 signs that you are consuming a lot of sugar


Sugar gives you energy, but excessive consumption can have the opposite effect and lead to feelings of fatigue and lethargy.

Your body constantly sends signals if you do not eat properly, even if you do not recognize them.

Many people are unaware that their physiological or psychological problems may be due to excessive sugar consumption.

So today we will focus on seven signs that show that you consume a lot of sugar and sweets to know how to recognize this problem. Are you ready?

7 Signs says that you are consuming a lot of sugar

This is the refined one, not the sugar contained in fruits and vegetables, for example.

The latter is known as “internal sugar” and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no evidence that it is harmful to health. In fact, it should be present in our menu.

Conversely, free sugar, consumed in large quantities, can harm our health. Keep reading, because today we will focus on seven signs that your body sends when you consume a lot of sugar.

1. Constant hunger

the magazine NutriciĆ³n Hospitalaria sugars create a stronger feeling of satiety than carbohydrates.

But this satiety is short-lived. It is very likely that you will be hungry again soon after eating sweets. And this, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition, can lead to extra pounds and even obesity.

Therefore, if you are constantly hungry, even though you eat, this may be due to excessive consumption of free sugar and lack of essential nutrients.

2. Fatigue

It is true that drinks containing glucose are designed to provide energy and fight fatigue and exhaustion. The most famous energy drinks contain this type of sugar.

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But the long-term effects, as well as those of overuse, are unknown. An experiment by researchers at Cardiff Metropolitan University shows that people who reduce their consumption of refined sugars improve their feelings of fatigue and mood in general.

if you are constantly tired for no apparent reason, this may be due to the intake of empty calories from sugar.

3. Dental problems

Surely your mother said that your teeth would fall out, ace you eat very sweet. And yes – she was right.


Various studies show that excessive consumption of sugar, combined with poor dental hygiene, damages the enamel. How? First of all, you should know that the mouth is full of bacteria – some of them are useful and others are not.

Sugar attracts harmful bacteria, and they damage your enamel, leading to dental problems.

If you do not pay attention to the problem, it will lead to caries, your teeth will start to break when you eat something harder.

4. The skin ages

According to a study published in the journal Clinics in Dermatology, consuming a lot of sugar ages the skin faster.

the appearance of molecules known as AGES (end products of advanced glycation) that damage collagen and elastin in the skin.

5. Joint pain

This is a rare symptom that can be caused by excessive sugar consumption. Some researchers have linked excessive consumption of carbonated beverages (rich in free sugar) to a higher likelihood of developing rheumatoid arthritis in women.

This is again due to the AGES molecules we have already mentioned, as they lead to inflammation and, as a result, to long-term joint pain.

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6. Gaining weight

If you consume a lot of sugar, you are more likely to gain weight, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

We have already mentioned that sugar creates a temporary feeling of satiety, which makes you eat more and more, and thus gain more weight. We told you that sugar is directly related to overweight and obesity.

7. Concentration problems

The effect of the accumulation of sugar in the blood is also related to the activity of the brain and our ability to concentrate.

When you consume a lot of sugar, you often want more and more.

Therefore, you may suddenly feel your brain working like in a fog and find it difficult to concentrate. Various studies have linked excessive sugar consumption to certain cognitive dysfunctions.

Why should you stop consuming sugar?

Did you recognize these signs in yourself? Do you think that you are consuming a lot of sugar? If so, you need to take the necessary measures. It is easy to ignore the problem at first, but lack of control can lead to the development of much more serious diseases than those mentioned in this article. For example, cardiovascular problems.

Remember that sugar is addictive and the more you eat, the more you will need it.

According to various studies, the reason for this is that sugar releases dopamine

A hormone associated with happiness and pleasure, which creates addiction. So we advise you to act if these signs are familiar to you.