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6 ways to lose weight without starvation


If you want to lose weight you have to distinguish between hunger and thirst. If you feel like eating something, first drink a glass of water to make sure you are really hungry.

Are there ways to lose weight without starvation?

Fatigue and constant fatigue always follow weight loss. We all think that losing weight is related to starvation .

The truth is that constant fasting only slows down the metabolism , which in turn leads to easier weight gain.

In this article we will share with you 6 easy tips for losing weight without starvation, with which you will enjoy a better lifestyle.

You will see for yourself that you can achieve the desired weight without starving.

6 ways to lose weight without starvation

1. Avoid skipping individual meals

Skipping individual meals kills the body’s energy-saving mechanisms. In other words, our body begins to expend less energy , and our next meal will be much more abundant due to starvation.

Our body will try to store the energy it receives, especially in the form of fat deposits in the abdomen.

The accumulation of fat increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular problems.

For all the reasons listed above, the result of skipping individual meals is the accumulation of extra pounds.

  • If you are looking for a way to lose weight without starvation, you should eat 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with snacks in between.
  • Eating this way will provide your body with the nutrients it needs, prevent metabolic problems and maintain your ideal weight.
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2. Get enough fiber

Vegetables and fruits provide the fiber needed to better chew food, which helps the brain feel full by consuming smaller portions.

Soluble fiber facilitates the emptying of the stomach and facilitates its bloating, which prolongs the feeling of satiety .

In the small intestine, food is processed more slowly, so getting enough fiber forms a viscous layer that helps reduce the absorption of glucose, lipids and amino acids.

Last but not least, fiber stimulates the formation of bile salts and leads to lower cholesterol levels .

Incorporating fiber into your daily diet is extremely important if you want to lose weight without starving . Foods rich in fiber are whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

3. The quality of the food

Excess weight is usually the result of choosing unhealthy foods during main meals or snacks.

If you often eat cakes full of sugar and saturated fat, you will certainly gain a few extra pounds. And this directly affects your overall health.

That’s why you need to be able to choose the right healthy food, especially for breakfast, if you want to lose weight without starving.


Eat foods that are rich in nutrients, high quality carbohydrates and fiber such as:

  • Fruits
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Vegetables
  • Protein provided by some types of cheese, tuna and yogurt
  • Hot drinks such as green tea and chamomile tea
  • Chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa
  • Nuts and seeds

If you love and can’t live without sweet or salty foods, bet on homemade options:

  • Use honey for sweetening.
  • Make salty biscuits at home. You can also add additional spices for better flavoring.
  • Eat foods sweetened with fruit instead of sugar.
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4. Control your nervousness

Many times the biggest obstacle to losing weight is the feeling of anxiety that appears at certain times of the day, especially in the afternoon.

But experts have a number of hypotheses related to nervousness:

  • Psychosomatic comfort.
  • Cognitive distraction.
  • An attempt to cover up other emotions.

Although controlling nervousness is not easy, it is not impossible. Having the will is a must for success.

A good strategy for losing weight without starvation is to set goals that are easily achievable and that will make you leave your comfort zone .

5. Drink enough water

70% of the human body is made up of water, which makes it vital. Very often we fail to get even half of the water our body needs to function properly.

As a result, you can often confuse hunger with thirst.

According to some studies , this confusion is due to the fact that the same neurological mechanisms signal thirst and stimulate hunger , and these mechanisms are not selective.

To lose weight without starving, drinking water when you feel hungry is extremely important , as well as after eating.

The recommended amount of water you should drink per day is between 6 – 8 glasses.

6. Plan your menu

If you are looking for a way to lose weight without starvation, you should start planning your menu as soon as you enter the store.

Try to prepare a weekly menu before you go shopping. This way you will know which products and in what quantities you will need.

If you have a pre-made menu , you will waste less time in the store choosing products. You will then be able to prepare your meals so that they are ready when it is time for you to eat. Or you can store some of them in the freezer and reheat them later.

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Planning allows you to think about alternatives to your favorite foods, as well as how to prepare them so that you do not get tired of eating the same.

Use our tips in practice and you will see the results of the much sought after weight loss without starvation.

This will also avoid the appearance of the “yo-yo” effect. You will maintain your muscles and burn calories more efficiently .

Are you ready to try these 6 strategies for losing weight without starvation today?