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10 Cancer-Causing Foods to Should Avoid!


We are all well aware of the seriousness of cancer, which exhausts to the extreme not only the physical and mental health of the patient, but also his relatives and friends. Early treatment of the disease could save a lot of nerves, time, money and keep the patient’s health in much better condition.

There are measures to prevent and reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. One of the measures, of course, is the regular preventive examinations by specialized doctors with specialized equipment. Sometimes even a blood test can indicate that your body is developing a serious illness. On the other hand, however, our diet is also of great importance for our health. “You are what you eat,” say wise people, and they are extremely right, because in the 21st century there are foods that protect against cancer, but there are also foods that are highly carcinogenic and cause more than 50% of all reported cancers. patients globally.

Unfortunately, more and more often healthcare facilities register cases in which, due to a certain lifestyle for years, cancer cells develop in the body. The good news is that experts believe that half of these cases are preventable with lifestyle changes.

Get acquainted with the top 10 foods that we regularly use in our daily lives, but are highly carcinogenic!

Genetically modified foods (GMOs)

The fast-growing industry of genetically modified crops is entering our food system at an alarming rate. More than 90% of corn and soybeans are genetically modified globally. This practice is a source of much debate. Experts agree that adequate tests have not been done before GMO foods are added to the list of thousands of products that people use every day. In other words, no one – including GMO food producers – knows their long-term effect on human health.

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Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is at the center of the debate about lung cancer around the world. Studies show that they are full of toxins and preparations that improve the taste, create a wonderful aroma, but are toxic and deadly to humans. Moreover, experts say that the microwave oven emits radiation to the food that is cooked in it, and thus it becomes highly carcinogenic.

Canned goods

Most plastic cans, bottles and food veneers are made by processing the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been shown to genetically alter human brain cells. It is highly toxic and highly carcinogenic. When it enters the body, this chemical attaches to the DNA and begins to change it gradually. You should also know that canned foods are full of artificial preservatives, which in the long run ruin a person’s health and lead to serious diseases (such as cancer). (Note: canned foods we make at home are an exception).

Grilled red meat

While grilled dishes are extremely tempting with a wonderful aroma and pleasant taste, scientists have found that cooking meat in this way – especially processed meats such as hot dogs – releases a carcinogen called heterocyclic aromatic amines. This heterocyclic compound has an extremely adverse effect on the functions of the brain, heart, liver, causing autoimmune breakdowns and predisposing to the development of cancer cells. When you cook red meat on the grill, it changes its chemical and molecular structure and becomes carcinogenic.


Refined sugar

The biggest cause of cancer in humans is without a doubt sugar. Not only white refined sugar but also brown sugar has detrimental effects on human health. Studies show that sugar can not only cause cancer, but also nourishes cancer cells. It can even be said that sugar is the food of cancer and tumor cells. All foods that contain sugar are highly carcinogenic and great attention should be paid to their consumption in everyday life.

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Salty, pickled and smoked foods

These products usually contain preservatives, such as nitrates, which are intended to extend the shelf life. Supplements used in processed foods can accumulate in your body over time and, unfortunately, can stay there for a long time because they are not organic and the body cannot process them quickly. Ultimately, such toxins cause damage at the cellular level and lead to diseases such as cancer. When smoked foods are prepared at high temperatures, nitrates become much more dangerous nitrites. (Note: fermented foods you make at home are an exception).

Carbonated drinks

For two decades, carbonated beverages have been at the top of the health debate as a staple food, causing cancer. Filled with fructose syrup, artificial colors, preservatives, flavors and many other chemicals, they are extremely harmful and highly toxic to every aspect of health. Not only do they not provide any nutritional value, but they also take away from the body the essential nutrients you get from other foods. The addition of labels to “sugar-free” carbonated beverages means that the beverages are full of processed sugars such as aspartame, sucrose, which are even more carcinogenic than regular sugar.

White flour

When the flour is purified, its true nutritional value is removed. The flour is usually bleached with chlorine gas to make it more attractive to consumers. The glycemic index of white flour is very high – which means that insulin levels rise without providing food fuel. Carbohydrates are converted into sugars, so excessive products that contain white flour can lead to increased insulin resistance. Ordinary sugars (such as refined carbohydrates) are a source of energy for cancer cells.

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Farm fish

Unfortunately, fish farms are not such a reliable source of quality food. In an effort to control and balance the environment of fish, they are treated with strong antibiotics, pesticides and other carcinogenic chemicals, which aim to destroy the bacterial, viral and parasitic foci that occur in small and enclosed bodies of water. Farm-raised fish also do not have as much omega-3 fatty acids as wild fish.

Hydrogenated oils

Vegetable oils are extracted chemically from their natural source. They are then chemically treated and even more chemicals are added to improve the aroma and taste. They are full of unhealthy fats and have been shown to alter the structure of cell membranes, leading to the development of cancer cells in the body.

In addition to the 10 foods listed above, be sure to avoid any food / beverage labeled “diet,” “sugar-free,” or “fat-free” because the ingredients are most likely replaced by chemicals that act even more carcinogenic to the body.

Not only will eliminating these foods reduce your risk of cancer, but you will feel (and look) better. Now that you know what is the most important cause of cancer, you will be able to more easily choose foods from the store to maintain your health, not ruin it!