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BrainSense Reviews: Five Stars

Ah the infamous smart pill. We’ve seen it in Limitless and those shady products pushing ‘NZT’. Too bad they’ve already failed the test of true intelligence – you’re not trying to boost IQ. Real smarts come from better working memory, yet few products know that’s the holy grail of a smarter brain.

Fortunately, one product knows that’s what it’s all about. The product is a winner too – wow – is it ever…

The Product: BrainSense is a natural cognitive booster. Yes, we’ve seen that before, but finally we have a brain pill that gets it right – it’s designed specifically to help boost working memory. There’s no pretense about that. With BrainSense you’re not blowing your money on some crappy product that says it’s going to make you into Eddie Morra.

Instead, you’re giving legs to your working memory, which is a better indication of high cognitive skills than that archaic and ultimately meaningless thing called IQ. In the Google age, you get ahead by working with and manipulating the constant barrage of information you face each day. Not by spewing some number that merely shows you know how to pass a test.

BrainSense Reviews


This leads into why BrainSense is the best natural brain pill available at the moment. By focusing on working memory, BrainSense offers:

  • Better Cognitive Skills
  • Sharp Memory
  • Greater Focus
  • More Productivity
  • Performance Under Pressure

As well, it’s a natural product, made with proven cognitive boosters. And the company behind it is Leading Edge Health, which means it’s high quality and comes with a 60 day guarantee.


Not too many with BrainSense, but let’s play the devil’s advocate for a moment and consider what it doesn’t work:

  • Still relatively new
  • Can be hard to get

BrainSense is popular – there’s no question about that. Reports coming in are that the company did not make enough of the product to meet that demand. Also, it’s a new-ish product. While the talk is generally quite good, let’s see if it can maintain these results long-term, and truly make people more productive for years down the road.

The Formula:

Like its competition, BrainSense is a natural product. But here’s where BrainSense shines – it’s formulated specifically to help clients increase working memory with proven natural nootropics. Look closer and you’ll find vitamin B12, blueberry extract, omega-3 fatty acids, panax ginseng and phosphatidyl serine among others.

Translation? Energy, focus, better memory, learning capacity and feelings of well-being. It’s the kind of product you can take to prepare mentally for a big exam or project at work. Students and busy professionals are catching on, and quickly snatching it up for that reason.


BrainSense is a Leading Edge Health product. You may know them for making libido supplements like VigRX Plus. They also make GenF20 Plus and launched the Skinception skin care line a few years ago. Now they’re putting their expertise of natural health behind BrainSense, and it’s clearly paying off.

The company has been around going on 20 years now, and offers live customer support 7 days a week. No recordings here – you’re getting quality with Leading Edge Health, and the reassurance of a proven name.


60 days (67 if you include a week for shipping), during which time you can try BrainSense and return for your money back minus shipping and handling if you’re not satisfied.


Lots of it. BrainSense is not the cheapest natural cognitive booster, but it’s arguably the best of the bunch, and offers nothing short of razor-like focus. You’ll be smarter too, because working memory is directly linked to better cognition. Add the increased productivity you’ll have at work or school and you should be paying triple what the price is at the moment.

Yes or No:

Um, that would be a huge YES. BrainSense is pure magic. It’s a natural boost to your memory, cognition, attention and alertness. You’ll increase working memory and enjoy the benefits of an exceptional natural supplement offered by an established company with a good reputation.

BrainSense Reviews

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