BrainSense is a Cognitive Booster

BrainSense Let’s be honest here. You’d love a magic little smart pill. Think about it – you’d suddenly be more intelligent and could learn new languages and pick up more skills. You could amaze people with the crazy things you could do – and of course you could B-line it to Wall Street and make a killing on the stock market.

News flash: Limitless was just a movie. But there is a smart pill you can take to get more intelligent because it’s designed to increase working memory. The latter boosts cognitive skills, and is a good litmus test for general intelligence.

BrainSense: Made with Natural Nootropics

A nootropic is a cognitive enhancer. You can also call it a smart pill, memory enhancer or cognitive booster. Call it what you want, they’re all connected. It’s designed to increase the brain’s efficiency.

Students tend to use nootropics to study more efficiently and to do better come exam time. They’re popular among professionals too, because they increase productivity. Nootropics have a stimulating effect – they make people more alert and increase focus and ability to pick up new skills.

BrainSense is a natural nootropic formulated with ingredients like vitamin B12, acetyl-l-carnitine, phosphatidyl serine and panax ginseng. All of which are linked to evidence suggesting they’re poetry for working memory.

What That Means

BrainSense helps you think clearly. You can use it to boost performance at school, work, in your social circles or where ever you need to use your noggin. In other words, everywhere – BrainSense boosts working memory. And with that, comes:

More Productivity – Working memory is your brain’s ability to process and work with information. Boost working memory and you get more done.
Increased Learning Capacity – Evidence also links working memory to fluid intelligence. That’s your brain’s ability to pick up new skills.

Multi-Tasking – Like RAM on a computer, better working memory helps the brain juggle different tasks at the same time.

Concentration – Yet even though you’re multi-taking, you’re still able to tune out distractions. Better working memory helps you focus on what you’re doing.


Try BrainSense If…

You want to get more intelligent, more productive, get ahead and/or show off a little. Want to learn a new language? Try BrainSense. Got a big exam coming up? Try BrainSense. Feeling like it’s time to step up at work and maybe get that promotion you feel you deserve? Go for BrainSense. You’ll find it works wonders for:

School – The ingredients in BrainSense are linked to increased cognitive skills. And they may help you shine after an all-nighter too, because they’re shown to help performance when fatiqued.

Work – BrainSense is designed to increase productivity. Your brain will take fewer breaks (you know what we’re talking about!) and be more efficient when working on multiple projects. Your boss may like that too – and so will your paycheque.

Social Circles – Want to be the center of attention? You’ll love what happens with BrainSense. It’s designed to boost working memory and learning capacity with it. That means you’ll have faster facial recall (that person whose name you can’t remember!) and find the right words quicker. Your brain gets more efficient – and you look more intelligent than other people!

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